🔧Token Utility

The $FMC token serves as the central currency within the FameEngine platform, allowing users to unlock advanced features and AI faces. Staking $FMC tokens in the platform's pool generates credits for use within the app, and also earns stakes additional rewards as a portion of FameEngine's revenue is reinvested back into the system. This token utility model not only facilitates greater user engagement and content creation but also creates a rewarding ecosystem for active participants.

$FMC Utility Breakdown

Gas Fee for AI Learning

In the FAME Engine, users utilize $FMC as gas fees to power the AI learning process and data acquisition. By generating new content, users contribute to the AI influencer creation process, ensuring the development of high-quality influencers that resonate with audiences.

Collective Decision-Making

The DAO empowers token holders to collectively make decisions regarding the influencers' future revenue generation and partnerships. Through voting mechanisms, token holders actively participate in determining which opportunities or partnerships the influencers pursue, aligning the influencers' activities with community values and interests.

Staking for DAO Participation

To participate in the DAO, users stake FAME tokens into individual influencers' Key Opinion Leader (KOL) DAOs. This stake represents a commitment to the influencer's growth and success while amplifying the holder's decision-making power within the DAO. Staking FAME tokens grants users access and influence within the specific KOL DAO, enabling them to shape the direction of the influencer.

By leveraging the utility of $FMC within the AI Influencer DAO, users actively contribute to the development of AI influencers and gain a voice in the decision-making process, ensuring a community-driven and mutually beneficial ecosystem.

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