0️⃣Onboarding Guide

Now, read the step-by-step guide carefully to BEGIN!

  1. Visit FAME AI website and follow @FameCoinETH to start!

  1. Connect Twitter by following the login process. This integration will link your Twitter activities with FAME AI.

  1. Complete Three tasks. You must complete these tasks to earn FAMOUS points and maximize your rewards.

  1. Create & share an Original tweet using the provided text by FAME. It is important to include relevant hashtags like #GFGF or #FAMECoin to trigger our backend system!

  2. Retweet Official FAME Tweets. We strongly suggest you to keep a close eye on the official FAME AI Twitter account and retweet selected tweets. These RTs will boost your points and help promote the visibility of FAME AI!

  3. Follow our Influencers’ Twitter accounts. Browse through the available Influencer teams.

  4. Check Status & Succeed. You are now ready to explore the rewarding world of FAME AI. Active engagement and collaboration with your chosen team are crucial for maximizing rewards and enjoying the full benefits of the platform.

Congratulations on completing the onboarding process! You are now ready to accumulate FAMOUS points by engaging in various Twitter activities!

Go on IVO Epoch 1for the next step!

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