🚀What's Next?

Key Features of the New Update:

  1. Ethereum (ETH) Rewards

In addition to earning $FMC tokens, users will also have the chance to receive ETH as a reward for their engagement on Twitter. This addition of a well-established cryptocurrency like Ethereum adds significant value to the user experience on FAME.

  1. FAME AI Staking Multiplier Mechanism

FAME AI tokens ($FMC) act as multipliers in this new reward system. The more $FMC a user stakes, the higher the multiplier effect on their FAMOUS points. This mechanism encourages users to engage more actively on the platform and hold onto their tokens, thereby increasing their potential earnings in $ETH.

  1. Team-Centric Competitions with Virtual Influencers

Building on the previously introduced team-centric approach, led by virtual influencers, this new feature makes the competition even more exciting. Teams now strive not only for $FMC but also for boosted ETH rewards, making teamwork and strategic collaboration more rewarding.

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