1️⃣IVO Epoch 1

Amplifying Engagement and Rewarding Participation

Welcome to the initial phase of FAME AI's Kickstart Epoch 1.

During this exciting period, your engagement on Twitter not only increases your social presence but also earns you FAMOUS points that can translate into a substantial share of FAME tokens. Let's break down the formulas and how you can capitalize on this opportunity.

How to Accumulate FAMOUS Points✨

  1. Post with Interactions to Earn FAMOUS Points:

    • Original Tweet: Create and share an original tweet with the hashtag #gfgf. The formula to calculate your points will be based on interactions, with a 30x multiplier applied to the sum of views, likes, replies, quotes, and retweets.

    • Quoted Tweet: Engage further by quoting tweets and using #GFGF. Your points for a quoted tweet will draw from the original tweet's metrics and receive a 10x multiplier.

    • Reply: Your replies to tweets with #GFGF will also earn you FAMOUS points to encourage quality interactions.

  2. Kickback Mechanism:

    • When you engage with content by replying or quoting, the original tweet's author gets a kickback. This is calculated at a rate of 0.1x the points earned from quotes and replies.

Understanding the Formulas

  • For Original Tweets: Points are calculated by taking the sum of views (V), likes (L), replies (Re), quotes (Q), and retweets (Rt), each multiplied by their respective FAMOUS points value, then applying a 30x multiplier. The minimum point threshold ensures you get at least 100,000 points for an original tweet.

  • For Quoted Tweets: Points for a quoted tweet are calculated using the original tweet's metrics, with a 10x multiplier. There's a maximum limit of 1,000,000 points for quoted tweets to maintain fair play.

  • For Replies: Points for replies are based on the original tweet's metrics as well, with a maximum limit of 25,000 points to ensure each reply's quality.

Epoch-Specific Parameters:

  • Points are allocated for each type of engagement:

    • Views: 1 FAMOUS point

    • Likes: 100 FAMOUS points

    • Replies: 250 FAMOUS points

    • Quotes: 500 FAMOUS points

    • Retweets: 1000 FAMOUS points

  • Multipliers are applied to enhance the points earned:

    • Original Tweets: 30x multiplier

    • Quoted Tweets: 10x multiplier

    • Replies: Maximum of 25,000 FAMOUS points

    • Quoted Tweet and Reply Kickback: 0.1x multiplier

Earning Your Share of FAME Tokens

At the end of Kickstart Epoch 1, if you've accumulated FAMOUS points through the aforementioned activities, you'll be eligible for a portion of the 500,000,000 FAME token supply. For instance:

  • If you earn 10,000 FAMOUS points and the total of all participants' points is 1,000,000, your share of $FMC tokens is calculated as a fraction of the total points earned: $FMC tokens=(10,000 /1,000,000)Γ—500,000,000 $FMC tokens

  • This means you would receive 5,000,000 $FMC tokens as your reward.

Final Thoughts

The more you engage with and on Twitter using the FAME system, the higher your FAMOUS points will climb. By the conclusion of Epoch 1, your efforts could convert into a significant number of $FMC tokens, giving you a head start in the FAME ecosystem. Get tweeting, get engaging, and make your mark in the Hall of FAME!

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